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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Twin pot for rear brake upgrade

 To me this is easier upgrade and cheap as many people more likely to have brembo for rear brake
 what i need is just fabricating mild steel plate for the caliper bracket and welded in trailing arm.
 certain places require machining process for proper attachment.

Now i can fit in double ventilated disc on rear arms and also i had a endless brake pad 500 degree
 before anybody follow this mod please think about your hand brake.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

race look interior

The tar or insulator or some people call it sound proof has been removed using dry ice which much easier work to do. i just let it for a few minute until the tar become brittle and easy to break with hammer.

 sanding job done and ready for painting

 Pedal box with 3.2mm nylon/teflon steel braided hose from front master cylinder to the brake unit
 later i shall put back my roll-cage n will look more nicer

 I had to move the seat further back including steering wheel as the pedal mounted on the floor. this also benefits the weight transfer for the car.
 electrical cable nicely clipped on floor
 FIA approved kill switch with discharge resistor to prevent unwanted voltage spike on shut down. battery located on co-drive side in marine type container.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Knock Detector from knock tek

 My post today is regarding knock tek detector. it functions to provide indication and also can be used to send signal for ECU to alter ignition map when knock is detected. but this item should not be used to tune ur ignition timing on the road especially because it may register knock up to 6000 rpm only. so it is better to tune ignition on load bearing dyno machine to see any small changes on engine torque in order to tune ur timing.
 i mounted it on roll cage temporarily used to provide me any indication of knock during track racing. if it registers any knock then i just have to slow down the car.
 it also can be hook up with shift light to perform as knock indication.

Proper way to install adjustable rear camber or toe

 After torn or damage of 'tulang anjing' i change to adjustable toe, and this will reduce the stress on the strut by removing the stock chambered bolt. How ever during installation i see that it requires to do some modification. Lets take a look at the picture below it got a hole in oval shape, this will move the bolt position when the car under stress or vibration and u might loose suspension rigidity.

 What I did? I took the used washer from cambered bolt and drill a hole  to suit standard bolt that u r going to use.

 below is the end after using the drilled washer, and tighten it up.this will hold the strut more firm to the chassis.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Securing intercooler piping

Had you ever experience blow out or loose of intercooler piping? here one of the idea on how to secure the piping during high boost. i used a lock wire for the attachment.

 something to note is that these are not really a good clamp the piping as they are not provide uniform pressure at all area, so care must be taken to ensure leak at high boost.
 locking the intercooler piping to turbo outlet housing.
 intercooler to throttle body

 at one time I had the turbo flange bolt came loose. then i used lock wire to prevent them from rotating to open direction.
 these are the bolt and required to drill a hole

 then wire them up. since that i had no more loose bolt and piping.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

suspension system inverted monotube

 Today i'm gonna share my suspension or adjustable absorber use for my incoming track racing. I choose inverted monotube with adjustable body shift. This suspension is not used by pro but suit for my own use. monotube is the large shining portion which provide stable movement and heavy duty to the system. it is also equipped body shift use to adjust the vehicle height.
 i used 10kg spring rate for the front and rear. i wish to go more than this but 10kg is most suitable as it caused less spinning or grip during corner exit.i had tried the 12 and 14kg, which is good for cornering but when comes to acceleration it is the worst traction ever.

 together with copy of greedy pillow ball for camber adjustment.
 DNA Damper kg/mm is and old brand of suspension with body shift, coz i only had a few info about it from the internet.